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"We are passionate about providing person-centred support that promotes indepence. We want to create the foundations for those who require complex care to live active and fulfilled lives alongisde other people in their local communities."

What is Fosse Support Services?

Built upon the success of our Homecare division we expanded into Fosse Support Services in 2021. Our team, including our band 9 clinical lead, have a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering complex care across a broad range of services. Primarily based in the East Midlands, we provide person-centred, outcome-based support for vulnerable people in a variety of living settings including, but not limited to, home, supported living and sheltered accomodation. Fosse aims to maximise their abilities and opportunities to improve their quality of life and to live as independtly amongst others in their local communities as possible.


Our Support Services

What support do we provide?

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> Adult and children learning disabilities

> Mental health support

> Complex behavioural support

> Autistic spectrum conditions


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We're here to help! If you have somebody in mind who you think might benefit from our person-centred support or if you have any questions about our Support Services please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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I feel that the support is fantastic

"Hello, my name is Jay. I have been recieving support from Fosse for a while now and I am very pleased with the support I get. I feel that the support is fantastic and my support worker, Joe is very understanding and reliable. We go to the shops and go out on walks and Joe helps me with tasks like tidying, helping me eat better, learning me new things and caring for my cat. I would highly reccommend Fosse to anyone in need of help or support, especially for those who have autisum like me."


- Jay, Client

A huge weight lifted

"I am so happy with the Fosse Support Services staff! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted now that my daughter has a good company looking after her. Thank you so much Fosse, you are amazing."


- Clients Father

We get on really well

"I really like my support worker, Natasha, we get on really well. The other day she even helped me start cooking which I really enjoyed. I can't wait to keep doing it with her. You guys are great!"


- Rachel, Client