Gender Pay Gap

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As Fosse Healthcare Limited employs more than 250 people we are required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap report showing the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings over a standard time period, regardless of role seniority.

This is our report for the snapshot date of 5 April 2022.

The Company’s workforce profile reflects the nature of the Health and Social Care sector, as referenced in the ACAS guidance, and is made up of 80% Females and 20% Males staff. The nature of the sector is such that most of the female employees are care workers and most males are in the Head Office Management and support specialist roles.
Further analysis of the data shows no underlying reasons or concerns that proportionately there is a slightly higher representation of women in the lower and lower middle quartiles. The representation of women in the upper and upper middle quartiles is proportionate to their representation in the workforce.

As set out in the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap information) Regulations 2017, the data below shows our mean and median hourly gender pay gap for the reporting period;

The mean gender pay gap is 11.9%

The median gender pay gap is -0.92%

The Company is confident the men and women are paid equally for doing the same or equivalent jobs across the company. As explained above, our average gender pay gap of 11.9% is primarily because the Company has a higher proportion of females in Care roles and more males in Head Office and specialist roles


We believe that the fact that we do not have a significant mean gap is attributable to the industry trends and our proactive commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Company is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants. Our policies and procedures are reviewed regularly to ensure we have fair pay and bonus structures for both men and women in the same or similar roles
We confirm that reported figures have been calculated in line with the principles contained within the Gender Pay Gap reporting regulations.