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We offer residential services catering to children and young adults who have complex needs and learning disabilities. Regardless of the duration or cause of their stay, our objective is to ensure a positive and enriching experience for everyone, leaving them with an improved life in some aspect. Our approach begins with a customised plan aimed at fostering life skills and facilitating their optimal development. This may involve imparting self-management techniques for a smooth return to the family home, addressing barriers to living in a foster home through intensive efforts, or preparing them for independent living.


What is Residential Children's Care?

Residential care is a form of child care provision where vulnerable children live in group housing which is controlled by a specialist provider. The staff work in the living space of the children and young people, using this as the setting support and engage with them.


Take a look at how we specifically support children and young people with complex care needs and learning disabilities 


The focus at Fosse Healthcare is to ensure each young person reaches their full potential regardless of what barriers are in their way. We work in a truly holistic, multi-disciplinary way, where we work collaboratively with all involved in the young person’s life, ensuring consistency, which is the only way of allowing the young people to thrive and develop their independence. We also value the insight and knowledge parents have about the needs of their child and the best way to  support them, and work closely with parents throughout their child’s time with us.

All of the care staff are experienced in working with the young people and receive a comprehensive, on-going training package to keep them at the forefront of our provision. We work in partnership with external specialists, who we seek input and support when required.

The focus of our care delivery is to provide a safe, nurturing homely environment which is person centred and give the young person the opportunity to grow and develop.  Increase community presence and participation, irrespective of their presenting needs.

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