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Fosse Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare providers in the UK. Founded in 2002, Fosse Healthcare works with both public and private care sectors to provide high quality homecare, care home and healthcare services. Our company is led by a board of healthcare professionals, including the Chairman of the UK’s largest provider of integrated healthcare and a professor of Neuro Rehabilitation and Advanced Nursing Practice.

Our management team has a wealth of industry experience and we are totally committed to providing the best possible service at the best possible value for all clients.

Understanding our values

We focus on six core company values, chosen to ensure everyone we work with is represented and well supported. Our shared values underpin our commitment to the absolute best quality of care. We set the bar high and ensure every team member at Fosse understands how these values contribute to our service to guarantee each client receives the standard of care they need and deserve. In turn our company values feed the company culture, creating a system of considerate and happy staff members who lead with care and compassion in all they do.


We’re always expanding

Fosse Healthcare began its journey with just one branch in 2002. We now have Homecare offices in Mansfield, Ashfield, Nottingham, Newark, Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, Lincoln (Hykeham) and Lincoln.

We also manage ten Housing with Care schemes and a number of support services across the East midlands, as well as a healthcare divison that supplies staff across the UK.

We are fully regulated

All our services are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England, and we are a founding member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association. We have built strong and lasting relationships with a number of specialists and organisations to ensure we can offer a fully compliant and caring service.

Alongside our official regulation we also have a 4+ star rating on Google.

Check out our latest CQC ratings here