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Our Fosse Support Services division provides specialist complex care for children and adults so they can live safer, healthier and more fulfilled lives within their communities. Our person-centred support promotes independence, inclusion and equal access to opportunities and services. From learning disabilities to mental health, our amazing team of support workers offer friendship, safety and the opportunity to live their lives the way they want to live it.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experiene including a:

  • Band 9 Clinical Director | Robert Bain, who has decades of experience in nursing and complex care including 6 years with the NHS and has diplomas and qualifications from top universities for Forensic Nursing, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Systemic Pyschotherapy & Personality Disorder.
  • PBS (Positive Behavioural Support) Lead | Jamie Anderson, who has over 20 years of experience working in support services with an extensive training and education background including qualifications in health and social care and positive behavioural support.
  • Mental Health Recovery Star | Led by Magaret Shepherd, who has a comprehensive background in support services and is a specialist in complex care and mental health including the recovery star model which enables staff to measure and summarise changes in the individual's Mental Health and behaviour.
  • Director of Children’s Services | Dave Hancox, who has over 25 years of experience of managing large children’s homes and SEND schools, focusing on children and young people with severe learning disabilities and associated challenging behaviours.  He has also been involved in developing training opportunities with Derby University, focusing on developing and professionalising the care sector.
  • Quality Assurance Manager Matthew Spalding, who has a wealth of experience and qualifications in quality assurance and compliance to ensure we go above and beyond to ensure our clients safety and development.

All of which ensure we meet the highest possible standards across all of our support disciplines.

As a company, we embrace and integrate six fundamental principles into all aspects of our operations, aiming to create a positive impact for our clients, their families, and our dedicated staff. These core values serve as guiding pillars, shaping our organisational culture and fostering an environment of excellence. These are:

Be kind | Be supportive | Have fun | Work together | Make it happen | Make lives better

Fosse extends its commitment to exceptional care by offering a diverse range of accommodations and purpose-built properties. These specialised spaces are thoughtfully designed to create a supportive and therapeutic environment, precisely tailored to meet the unique support needs of each individual. Recognising the importance of a nurturing setting in fostering well-being, our accommodations go beyond mere functionality, striving to enhance the overall quality of life for those under our care. Through these purpose-built properties, Fosse ensures that individuals experience a customised and enriching environment that contributes to their overall health and fulfillment.

Below is a breakdown of the services that we can offer, to help find the best suited service that supports and individuals needs and requirements.


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Adult Outreach         Services

Helping people with a wide range of support needs retain their independence by being supported in their own home.

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Real life stories

Ellie is one of our incredible Support Workers who we caught up with on one of her trips out with her lovely client, Calum. In the video you can see below, you'll see just how amazing support workers like Ellie are and how the relationships they form with their clients like Calum are so important. 

From food shops to guitar sessions and everything in-between, Ellie explains just how rewarding her job is, saying that she definitely has 'the best job in the world' and that she 'loves to help people that don't really get recognised for just how well they are doing'. 



"I've never known her so happy"

"I am overjoyed with the exceptional service provided by the Fosse Support Services staff! The relief I feel is immeasurable, knowing that my daughter is in the hands of such a capable and caring company. Fosse, your team has truly lifted a significant weight off my shoulders, and I am immensely grateful. Thank you for your outstanding support and dedication—Fosse and your team are absolutely amazing!"

- John | Father of outreach client



"We love you guys!"

"My son has been getting some awesome support and friendship from Fosse—it's been a game-changer! Since he joined up, he's been so much happier and more relaxed. Your staff are just fantastic, seriously top-notch. Their dedication has totally turned things around for him, and I can't thank them enough for taking such good care of him. We both definitely want to just say that we love you guys!

- Susie | Mother of Outreach client

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