Complex Care Support

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Patient person-centred support to reduce risk and improve quality of life.

Fosse Support Services appropriately safeguards people with complex emotional and behavioural difficulties whilst supporting them to exercise full choice and control using pro-active and positive means of managing behaviours that challenge, including diligent risk management. We use clear, multi-agency risk assessments and strategies and high levels of supervision, where required, to facilitate inclusion.

We believe that all behaviour is a form of meaningful communication. We focus on understanding the reasons for the behaviour, altering the situation if necessary and encouraging more appropriate methods to communicate. Positive behaviours are most likely to occur if a person has an appropriate person-centred support plan and a good quality of life.

In doing so a person will be able to:

  • Communicate their basic needs, choices and preferences
  • Do enough of the right type of activities for them
  • Have quality relationships with friends, family and support staff
  • Maintain good health and lifestyle
  • Work towards and achieve aspirations
  • Develop new skills and independence
  • Have a living environment that meets their physical, sensory and social needs
  • Reduce restrictive interventions including physical interventions and psychotropic medications

Fosse Support Services exists to make this happen.


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We're here to help! If you have somebody in mind who you think might benefit from our person-centred support or if you have any questions about our Support Services please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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