Learning Disabilities & Complex Needs

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At Fosse, we prioritise the unique challenges faced by children with learning disabilities and complex care needs. Our dedicated team of compassionate professionals is unwaveringly committed to creating a safe, stimulating, and inclusive atmosphere, where children with specialised requirements can not only thrive but truly flourish.



Our Approach:

  • Tailored Care Plans: Recognising the distinctiveness of every child, our seasoned team collaborates closely with families and professionals to craft individualised care plans. These plans comprehensively address specific learning needs, preferences, and health requirements, ensuring a holistic and personalized approach to each child's well-being.
  • Skilled and Compassionate Staff: Our staff members are more than caregivers; they are tireless advocates for each child's development and happiness. Trained to handle learning disabilities and complex care needs, our team provides round-the-clock support, fostering a nurturing environment where children feel not only understood and valued but also encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • Enriching Educational Programs: Education stands at the core of our approach. We offer specialised programs tailored to different learning styles, enabling children to not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills. Our ultimate goal is to empower each child to navigate the world with confidence and independence.
  • Safe and Stimulating Environment: Designed with safety and stimulation in mind, our residential care facility provides secure living spaces and recreational areas. This environment encourages exploration, social interaction, and the development of meaningful connections with peers.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Family Involvement: We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Families are integral partners in our care approach. Regular communication, family involvement in decision-making, and support networks contribute significantly to the overall success and well-being of each child.
  • Holistic Support Services: Beyond residential care and education, we offer a comprehensive range of support services. This includes access to healthcare professionals, therapeutic activities, and community engagement opportunities, ensuring that every facet of each child's needs is comprehensively addressed.
  • Community Integration: Recognising the vital role of community integration in the social development of children, our programs extend beyond the facility. Community outings, events, and partnerships are integral parts of our approach, providing enriching experiences that foster a profound sense of belonging and connection.

At Fosse, we are not just a place of care; we are a haven where children with learning disabilities and complex care needs can truly thrive and lead fulfilling lives.


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