Our carers deliver first aid to a member of the public

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On their lunch break, carers, Taigen Scott and Leah Melling came across a woman laid on the floor with blood on her face so the pair instantly sprung into action to support her.

Fosse Care Assistant's, Taigen and Leah deliver homecare support to people in their local community of Mansfield. After their first round of clients one morning in January, the pair went on a lunch break and decided to head to McDonalds for a bite to eat which is where they came across a lady clearly in some distress on the floor.

The woman had a lot of blood coming from her nose and seemed quite disorientated. Although there were two other people already at the scene, none of them had any first aid experience so the girls made them, and the lady in question, aware that they were fully qualified first-aiders and could offer assistance. Whilst Taigen reassured her and started to ask questions as to what happened and if she was on any blood thinners (due to the sheer volume of blood), Leah got their PPE and a blanket from the car and asked one of the bystanders to go into mcdonalds and ask for a chair, water and plenty of tissues. 

They followed all the correct procedures and called for an ambulance and the lady's daughter in the process and then waited with her until they arrived. She was taken to hospital where she was treated by the doctors and Taigen and Leah went on delivering care for their cleints that same afternoon. Later that evening, the woman's sister, Bernie, put the following post on Facebook thanking them both for their amazing act of kindness...