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Fosse staff member, Chelsea helps save and re-home a dog from overseas after being left in a terrible condition

Doggy Dens UK Rescue and Pawpers in the ruff are two increadible charities that help dogs that have been left in truly awful conditions. These charities are why our Mansfield Deputy Manager, Chelsea saw the story (Facebook) of Barney aka ‘Tar boy’ who was found with his legs tied together and covered in tar.

As soon as Chelsea saw the poor pup she instantly wanted to help, and along with others began donating money to go towards his treatment. Everyone was unsure as to whether he would make a full recovery due to the severity of his injuries, however after many weeks of support Barney was completely transformed into a healthy and happy dog!

But the story doesn’t end there; Once he was better, Barney needed a place to live and even though she was around 2,000 miles away, Chelsea put in an application to try and bring him to the UK.

Before she knew it she was having video calls with the team and Barney over in Macedonia and they had successfully arranged for him to be rehomed with Chelsea. Barney has since arrived home with and has settled in really well! Chelsea would urge anyone to support t some of these amazing charities to help dogs like ‘Tar boy’ and give them another shot at life.