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Having support visits at home can have a huge positive impact on the person's quality of life. Home care continues to help people stay living independently in thier own homes and around the people and places they love. It drastically reduces any risks or concerns for the safety and comfort of the client and gives their families much needed peace of mind without continously needing to check in. At Fosse Healthcare, quality of life and safety are the key drivers behind the support and care we provide across all of our divisions.

When should our Homecare be considered?

•  If there is a desire to remain away from residential care

•  If a person is finding it difficult to manage with daily routines, such as washing, domestic tasks and getting out and about

•  If ones health and care needs can be met at home, such as managing medication and support with personal care

•  If the person can still get around in their home and it is safe to live in - or it can be adapted to make it safe.


Our Homecare Services

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We're here to help! If you have somebody in mind who you think might benefit from our person-centred support or if you have any questions about our Support Services please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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I feel that the support is fantastic

"Hello, my name is Jay. I have been recieving support from Fosse for a while now and I am very pleased with the support I get. I feel that the support is fantastic and my support worker, Joe is very understanding and reliable. We go to the shops and go out on walks and Joe helps me with tasks like tidying, helping me eat better, learning me new things and caring for my cat. I would highly reccommend Fosse to anyone in need of help or support, especially for those who have autisum like me."


- Jay, Client

A huge weight lifted

"I am so happy with the Fosse Support Services staff! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted now that my daughter has a good company looking after her. Thank you so much Fosse, you are amazing."


- Clients Father

We get on really well

"I really like my support worker, Natasha, we get on really well. The other day she even helped me start cooking which I really enjoyed. I can't wait to keep doing it with her. You guys are great!"


- Rachel, Client