ISO 9001 | Fosse passes quality audit

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Quality assurance for our staff and clients as we pass another audit from the world's most recognised Quality Management System Standard

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised Quality Management Standard which ensures organisations behave, perform and develop efficiently to protect both their staff and consumers.

The standard has at its core well lead, risk based, customer centred provision of high quality services, which are the core principles of all health & social care provision.

As a certfied ISO 9001 care provider our internal structure for policies, procedures, monitoring and measurement promotes high quality services that are capable of meeting the ever changing, more demanding, statutory and regulatory requirements within the industry. Without it, organisations within care risk falling short of their stakeholder expectations which Fosse never want to do.

In real terms our accreditation and the standards we must maintain will help us to have:

  • Increased efficiency – by implementing processes and procedures which are based on a quality focus.
  • ‍Greater employee morale – by ensuring that all employees are working to one agenda we can reduce errors and increase productivity.
  • ‍Factual approach to decision making – ensuring the business decisions we make are beneficial long term by basing them on facts.
  • Improved record keeping – as with any management system, ISO 9001 ensures we document your processes from start to finish, helping us to handle customer complaints and improve process efficiency.
  • ‍Improved customer satisfaction – ensuring we have a feedback system in place which will help us to understand our customers’ needs, identify areas for improvement and reduce wasted resources.
  • ‍Continuous improvement – using non-conformity reporting and trend analysis, we can identify areas for improvement.