Dallas House

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Single Occupancy Accomodation

Current Status: Fully occupied by a male adult with complex care needs & a physical disability

Residency: Permanent - Long term basis

Support Service: 1:1 support on site at all times with additional 2:1 support at times of increased need

Key property features:

  1 Bedrooms

  1 Bathrooms

  1 Living Room


 Download Dallas House's Property PDF Here 

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Welcome to Dallas House your trusted partner in providing compassionate and tailored support for adults with acquired brain injuries. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals who have faced the challenges of brain injury, empowering them to achieve their highest level of independence and well-being.


From furnishings to assistive technologies, our environment caters to the specific needs of individuals with acquired brain injuries. Barrier-free design, including ramps and wide doorways, fosters independence.

Security is paramount, featuring the latest safety measures like secure entry systems and emergency response mechanisms, ensuring a reassuring sense of protection.

Our Adaptable 1-Bedroom Haven is more than a physical space—it's a community where independence and well-being flourish. Our team supports residents, respecting individual autonomy and fostering a sense of belonging through community events and social initiatives.

In essence, our haven is a personalized, secure, and caring environment where individuals with acquired brain injuries thrive and lead fulfilling lives.


For more information around our Adult Homes please get in touch:

01332 492 026info@fossesupportservices.co.uk