Carers week | 'What carers means to me...'

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One of our Fosse team members has written these lovely words to explain what carers week, and our carers, mean to her and we think it sums up the incredible efforts of our staff wonderfully.

This week is carers week - however to us it is carers week every day!

Carers are the force that drives homecare - care workers are a lifeline and support to vulnerable adults that live at home

Carers are the people who have to search through endless kitchen cupboards to locate the cutlery or tea towels

Carers are the ones who make countless cups of tea (the best ones I might say!) alongside many different varied meal preparation (we are all a whizz at handling microwave meals and can make a good scrambled egg on toast!)

Carers are the ones that get up a 6am (sometimes earlier) and go out in all weather conditions even with different ailments and tend to look after other people before even thinking about themselves

Carers are the ones that have to spend hours on the phone to GP's chasing up new medication, antibiotics, running low on creams or for a medication referral

Carers are the ones that worry when our clients are unwell and will arrange a doctors visit/district nurse visit - check and worry about how someone is mobilising that day as something appears different....completing endless forms to document care notes, falls forms, medication up dates, NOK details.

Carers are the ones that will read care plans tirelessly each evening (in their own time) before getting up early and visiting the clients

Carers are the ones that have good time management whilst dealing with flat tyres, road closures, collecting some milk for clients to make sure they can have their cornflakes in the morning as they are running low

Carers are tired, never switch off, stressed, frustrated at technology or changes, there is never enough hours in the day.....however carers are loving, kind, gentle, thoughtful, will go above and beyond to make sure someone is safe, clean, presentable, listened to and loved! 

Fosse care workers are exceptional and these words show only a fraction of the hard work and dedication they all give to their clients - and for this I want to give every carer a heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart.....the work, effort, energy, enthusiasm, patience and attention to detail you give to your job is inspiring!

As always thank you each and everyone of you that works so hard but manage to make it look so easy!