Carer's support calms anxiousness

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05 July 2023
A carer's knowledge like Amy's is invaluable when it comes to supporting their clients

With an upcoming surgery, our amazing client, Laura was feeing really nervous and uneasy when she met with her carer, Amy. Luckily after spending a lot of time for Laura, Amy knew just what to do to help calm her anxiety and make her feel more relaxed.

The pair would often do a number of things together and Amy knew that whenever they went for a long walk through a local woodland area, Laura would always mention how nice and peaceful it was and they would always catch up on life and how each other were getting on. So Amy decided to take her back there to take her mind off things and to talk about everything and anything to offload anything she needed to.

Laura said she felt 'so much better' after the walk and 'a lot less anxious'.