Carer helps her service user feel 'beautiful' again

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One of our Fosse Care Assistant's in Mansfield brings new life into her service users neglected hair

In Mansfield, one our our service users has neglected her hair for a number of years and would never let anyone help her with it. However, her care worker and ex-hairdresser, Amy has built up some trust over the last few months and developed a friendship which led to our service user accepting Amy's kind gesture of helping her revive her hair.

It took a lot of time, effort and skill for Amy but she made sure that her service user was comfortable every step of the way and stopping for breaks where nesecary. 

After it was done, the tranformation was absolutely incredible and her emotional service user couldn't have be more grateful. She told amy, 'Thank you, I feel beautiful'.

Amy has since been rewarded for her amazing act of kindness. This is what social care and Fosse's ethos is all about.