A heartwarming visit brings joy to Newark service users

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A furry friend from Fosse has brought smiles to the faces of some of our lovely clients

In a delightful gesture, a staff member at Fosse brought smiles and puppy love to her Newark service users last week. The special visitor, a furry friend, proved to be a source of joy and happiness, creating heartwarming moments that left a lasting impact on everyone involved.

The staff member, known for her thoughtful initiatives, organised the visit to bring a touch of warmth and companionship to the service users. The positive response was evident, as the joyous interactions between the visitors and the furry companion resonated between carer and client.

The images captured during the visit tell a tale of pure delight, with service users beaming with happiness as they enjoyed the company of their four-legged friend. It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes, it’s the simple, heartfelt gestures that make a significant difference in the lives of individuals.